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In Mental Blocks, Ron Guttman delivers a magical performance so believable, your audience my just ask, “Is it real?”

Ron’s performing career began all the way back in 1964 as a budding young musician and song writer. One of the high points of that era was a private recital for Canadian Talent Library musician and Hollywood musical coordinator/director Denny Vaughan.

What might have been is a story unto itself, but as with all things Hollywood, the show that he was associated with at the time had run its course and had been cancelled!

While in university, Ron added “comedy sketch artist” to his resume, spending three seasons with one of Canada’s oldest theatre companies! He even appeared on a CBC Superspecial with noted guitarist Mason Williams.

Oddly enough, magic came much later. If you lay it out, it runs from musician to sketch comic to corporate trainer to magician and mentalist.

The magic started around 1990, and soon Ron was using his talents to help promote the software company he was working for at the time. Those clients still remember his magic-themed sales promotions and performances.

In fact, if you were to ask the staff at the Chicago steakhouse what happened that night in 1992, they might remember this very magical moment. A bank note was borrowed from an executive of a major European bank, and after some preliminaries, the bank note that was lying on the table was now standing straight up. Ron never touch it!

You could have heard a pin drop! Everyone was staring in disbelief. Even the restaurant staff stopped what they were doing to observe.

This was actually the beginning of Ron’s career as a magician, mentalist and psychic entertainer. Look to Ron’s diverse background and unique experience to deliver sophisticated, stimulating and engaging entertainment at your next event.

Whether it's “after dinner” or after a long day of technical briefings or sales meetings, consider Ron’s intellectually stimulating and sophisticated program called Mental Blocks, a formal program that can be presented for just about any size group, and just about any time.

It is Ron’s signature act and it may just leave your staff asking, “Is it real?”

Ron Guttman

Maestro of Mystery

Mingle Magic

Informal. Up close. Personal.

Amazing. Eye-popping. Jaw-dropping. Impossibilities.

This is magic that takes place in the minds and hands of your guests. Whether they are simply mingling during a cocktail reception, or seated before dinner, the magic and the entertainment comes to them.

Can be customized to fit your theme and event goals.

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Tricky Bits

This program delivers a healthy mix of classical and contemporary magic.

Suitable for just about any type of event

There’s a little something for everyone, and everyone gets involved when Ron takes the stage!

Mental Blocks

After dinner. After work. An intellectual diversion for a sales meeting, corporate retreat, or holiday party.

It’s a performance so believable your guests may actually ask, “Is it real?”

Book Ron Guttman, The Maestro of Mystery to perform Mental Blocks at your next corporate event.

Bring some whee! to your team’s next off-site meeting!

Stage. Screen. Television. Speaker. Trainer. Entertainer.