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Speaker Package

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Ron’s keynotes and lectures are ideally suited to most formal events.

These presentations are highly structured, information-filled, but most importantly, they are engaging and fun.

There’s lots to learn and take away from one of Ron’s keynotes or lectures.

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All of Ron’s workshops and seminars are hands-on learning experiences.

Following one of Ron’s workshops or seminars, participants will  have learned new skills that they have practiced and are on the way to mastering.

These are real world practical skills that can be applied to every day life, as well as business situations.


After-dinner. After work. Sales meeting. Corporate retreat. Holiday party. It’s time to call Ron Guttman, The Maestro of Mystery.

Programs are adaptable: marketing events, trade shows, and all types of corporate and social meeting situations.

Bring insight, knowledge, skill and a sense of whee! to your team at your next off-site meeting with a variety of programs to meet your goals.

Lectures. Keynotes. Workshops. Magical Entertainment.

Then in the late 80s, more than 25 years ago, in answer to an unfulfilled dream, Ron began his journey towards becoming a professional entertainer. As a biographical note, in the late 60s and early 70s the muse was music; now the muse became magic, adding a whole new dimension to his skill set as a corporate communicator.

Then at the turn of the millenium, Ron set out to study improv as a means of enhancing his communications skills and on-stage persona. The immediate result was a better connection with his consulting clients. In the process he overshot his goal by a wide margin by completing a Certificate in Theatrical Performance and adding professional actor to his resume. He now includes numerous appearances in commercials, films and television productions on his resume.

With over 35 years in the corporate world, serving a who’s who of major organizations, as trainer, consultant and software engineer, he:

● Speaks your language,

● Understands business challenges and goals,

● Proven expertise at communicating with staff at all levels.

As a Professional Industrial Engineer, consultant, and independent business owner, he:

● Understands the technical side of issues and business systems while communicating in clear  easy-to-understand language with line staff,

● Delivers consistent, professional results

With over 20 years as a magician and entertainer, plus more than 10 as a professional actor, he:

● Understands the meaning of teamwork and knows how to bring it to your team or staff,

● A trained trainer who knows exactly what it takes to make a great presentation.


Classically trained, Ron has appeared in numerous films, television shows, and of course, commercials.

This means that Ron can take a leading role in your corporate communications program, live event, or trade show presentation.