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“Your show was fast paced, with elements of humour and just the right length to be a perfect complement to our Staff Tournament. We like to show appreciation for our staff’s work with events that are beyond their expectation and your show certainly did that.

Thanks for making it a great evening!”

Craig Evans, President

Pheasant Run Golf Club

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“Ron’s performance is mind blowing. Just when you think you know how he did it, you’re all wrong! He had everyone’s attention from start to finish.”

Laura Mykyjewicz

Markville Chevrolet

“Great show.

Never thought you would come up with ‘Alice Cooper Golf Monster’!”

Carlin Barwell

“The one-hour show after dinner had a variety of illusions with audience interaction for all. Each individual was left with a shocked expression and the unanswered question of ‘How’d he do it?’”

Elizabeth Crouse

Office Administrator, Finance Department

Toronto Star Newspapers Limited

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“Our club members really enjoyed the performance. By the end of the evening the sceptics were onside. Ron’s ability to bring the audience into his act and have them take part in the magic is part of his charm. Truly an enjoyable and memorable evening.”

Julie Scott

Rotary Club of Orillia

“I was totally amazed and in awe for the whole performance. I don't know how he does it but he is unbelievable. I would totally recommend you catching one of his shows.”

Marlene Dwight, Administrator

Ramara Chamber of Commerce

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“It was wonderful to hear our staff laugh and to see them relax and enjoy themselves. Ron played a major role in achieving this.”

Anne Huffman, HR Manager NA

Sungard Sherwood Systems


“The party was an enormous success … Your performance made for a more enjoyable event ...”

Kirk Shearer, President & CEO

Tourism Toronto

“It was appreciated by the group that the language and jokes were quite appropriate and respected the values and dignity of the women.”

Rosemary Albon

Loretto Abbey Convent


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